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Blais Cycle is South Florida's number-one shop for high-performance motorcycle services. We service Honda, Ducati, BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, and all other motorcycles. Conveniently located just off I-95 and Stirling Rd, we serve the entire South Florida region, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Palm Beach, and everywhere in between.

As an authorized Power Commander Tuning Center, Blais Cycle helps tune some seriously amazing bikes.

Service & Repair

Blais Cycle is one of South Florida's oldest performance shops. We have been in the same location for the last 18 years. We offer all kinds of service, from your most essential service to full-on custom bikes. We service all makes and models of bikes, from cruisers, sport bikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Our primary service includes oil & filter, tire changes, valve adjustments, and crash repairs. We offer a full service with a 12-point checklist we go over to ensure that we keep your bike running at its best. We will notify you of any problems needing repair or placement. So you can decide whether to have the work done or not.

Blais Cycle is an Authorized Power Commander Tuning Center and dealer. We have the latest tuning link software from Dyno Jet. So we can make a proper Custom Map for your motorcycle. (We do not use maps downloaded from the internet).

Blais Cycle can customize your bike to any extent you would like, from adding LED light kits, big wheel kits, or full-on chromed-out bikes. It's up to you're imagination.

Come in and visit us. We have a full showroom. We keep all your essential tune-up parts in stock and many of the latest performance parts you may need. We are an authorized dealer for most high-performance parts, including Muzzy, Yoshimura, Dyno Jet, BMC, Wiseco Pistons, Velocity Turbo, and much more.

Parts & Accessories

Maintaining your motorcycle correctly will not only make your bike last longer. It will save you money in the long run.

Blais Cycle has been devoted to the motorcycle industry for over 25 years. We are here to help with all your motorcycle needs. Our employees have years of experience in the motorcycle world. If you need to talk to someone about getting your motorcycle serviced or adding some accessories, we can help. If you are thinking of modifying your bike, we can help you do that, too. Blais Cycle has been building championship-winning bikes for over 25 years. We will not sell you parts that don't work. We know the right parts for the right job. We have technicians trained by Dyno Jet for power commander tuning that can help you pick the right power commander and accessories.

Blais Cycle has a showroom with a complete parts counter. We stock all the essential parts you need to tune up your bike and keep it running at its best.

  • Oil and Oil Filters
  • Spark Plugs
  • Chain and Sprockets

We carry all the major brands of tires. We order tires weekly to ensure that you don't get tires that have been sitting around in a warehouse for the last year.

We can get it in a few days if we don't have what you're looking for.

Blais Cycle is an authorized dealer of performance parts from Yoshimura, BMC, K&N air filters, Akrapovic Exhaust, Wiseco & JE pistons, and much more.

Engine Work

Blais Cycle has over 30 years of engine-building experience and holds several Road Racing Championships, proving we know what we are doing. We can repair your motor back to factory specifications using OEM parts. Or we can build you a performance engine that will satisfy your needs.

There are plenty of areas for improvement in a stock engine. Cylinder heads can be cleaned up for better airflow. Crankshafts can be lightened and balanced. Factory tolerances can be changed to reduce drag on internal parts. Cams can be re-degreed to give you power at different RPM ranges.

If it is a big bore piston kit that you're looking for, we can take care of that. We are dealers for all the major piston companies. We can install a 2mm or 3mm over-piston kit to give you more power throughout the RPM range. Or install stock bore pistons that have more compression.

It is a common thing for second gear to go bad in motorcycles. We can remove the transmission and have it undercut. Once a transmission has been undercut, it is better than stock. This is very important for road racers.

If you don't think you can be satisfied with an average-built motor, we can install NOS that can give you 45+ HP. Or install a Turbo kit that will provide 400+ HP.

engine work
Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads

Valve Jobs, Cylinder Head Porting, Valve Seat Installation, Cylinder Head Repair.

Blais Cycle has a state-of-the-art Serdi 3.0 Millennium valve-cutting machine. The Serdi 3.0 is used to cut multi-angle valve seats and can also be used to open up valve seats for larger valves.

With over 25 years of experience, Blais Cycle offers cylinder head porting, which will increase flow for better performance. We can open up the valve seats to match larger valves and install Ampco45 ( Aluminum Bronze ) seats, which are a softer material that extends the life of the valves and valve job.

Blais Cycle can resurface heads should they become warped or adjust them to increase compression. Almost all heads can be repaired should the valves become dropped. Most of the time, removing the old seat and installing new ones would be more cost-effective than purchasing a new head.

Dyno Tuning

The era of fuel injection has arrived. You must first have a Dyno to stay on top of the tuning game.

Blais Cycle has been operating a Dyno for over 30 years. We have been an Authorized Power Commander Tuning Center for over 25 years. The 250 Dynamometer is a state-of-the-art machine that can tune both carbureted and fuel-injected bikes.

Although the PC is supplied with a basic map, it is well-known that no two motors are the same. What works well for one bike may not be the best for another. To optimize your motorcycle for the combination you have, a custom map of your bike is recommended. To make a custom map correctly, you must be at a tuning center equipped with the tuning link. We are one of only a few in South Florida to have this.

The Dyno-jet method combines the computer and the Dyno in such a way that we can change the fuel and ignition curves. This allows us to optimize the air/fuel ratio, which makes achieving 100% of the bike's potential power gain possible. The Dyno can be used for other tuning devices such as the Vance & Hines Fuel Pak, Alen Ness Big Shot, F12000 Fuel Processor, and more.

With a carbureted bike, the Dyno takes all the guessing out of the equation. Without a Dyno, the mechanic has to make a change and then go for a ride. With the Dyno, we can check the air/fuel ratio, make changes, and rerun it. The bike never has to be taken off the Dyno. This makes it easier to fine-tune carburetors. We have a full selection of DynoJet, Keihin, and Mikuni jets in stock.

The Dyno can be used as a diagnostic tool as well. By running the bike on the Dyno, we can check for engine noises that would be impossible to find riding the bike on the street. We can also check for bad transmissions without the danger of something going wrong on the street. Set up other after-market parts.

motorcycle dyno tuning

Our History

Kevin Blais started riding motorcycles in the mid—70s. In 1979, he entered his first road race at Moroso Motor Park in West Palm Beach, Florida. It did not take long before he knew this was the path he would take in life. In 1982, Kevin started work at Palmetto Kawasaki as a mechanic. Which at the time was one of the largest Kawasaki dealers in the U.S. Once Kevin received backing from the owner, he and his friend Ron Cole started traveling throughout the southeast racing. Kevin quickly became one of the front runners in several classes.

Kevin raced production and superbikes for 12 years as an AMA pro racer, winning several state and regional championships. In 1989, Kevin took second place in the 750 Super Sport race at the AMA finals in Daytona. He was beating the likes of Scott Russell, Jamie James, and Doug Chandler. In 1992, Kevin started his own shop. The first piece of equipment he bought was a 150 Dyno. Blais Cycle was the first shop in South Florida to have a Dyno. Kevin did not want to tell his customers he made them more HP. He wanted to show them he made them more HP. In 2000, he saw that the future of motorcycles was changing to fuel injection. Blais Cycle bought the new 250 Dyno. After receiving the Dyno, Kevin and Paul took the Power Commander tuning link school. So they could tune the power commanders properly. Blais Cycle continues to upgrade its Dyno and shop equipment so that we can provide our customers with the best service possible. The mechanics at Blais Cycle enjoy and take great pride in their work. Our goal has always been and always will be to take care of your bike like it was ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All power commanders come with a basic map. However, it does not optimize your bike to its best performance. Having your power commander tuned properly can make a big difference.