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Fantastic service team! From the front desk, to the tech department, all of the guys at Blais are top notch, old fashioned, hard working gentlemen who provide quality labor without the facade that large dealers attempt to lure customers in with. I came in for a fork seal replacement and by the time I picked up my motorcycle it felt as if it had been tuned on their dyno. The bike runs smoother than silk and feels connected to the road just like when she was brand new. 100000% recommend all motorcyclists make the trek to get their motos serviced at Blais. As someone who was going to moto shops in Miami and constantly being disappointed with mediocre and at times dangerous service jobs, *cough NSL on 22nd Ave in Miami cough* …it’s refreshing to to have discovered Blais in Broward. Thank you Blais crew!
Best motorcycle repair shop in South Florida! I have been taking my motorcycles to Blais Cycle for over 34 years now and they are always make me feel confident, and that’s very important to me, when I get back on my bike after they have worked on it . Hats off to my friends, but feels like family, to Kevin , Ron, and Paul. Don’t look anywhere else, Blais Cycle is the place!
Paul is the man, wouldn’t takeMy bike anywhere else.
I wouldn't go anywhere else
I called Kevin after getting personal recommendations. Him and Paul are fantastic. They were super accommodating to my husband schedule and did outstanding job with his motorcycle. Highly recommend their shop!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate the opportunity to take care of your husbands motorcycle. I look forward to taking care of any of your motorcycle needs. And thanks again for coming to Blais Cycle Inc.
Excellent customer service. They notify you and explain of any concern on the bike.Definitely will be going back for services
Response from the owner: Hi Ariel, Thank you for trusting Blais Cycle for all of you motorcycle needs. If you need anything in the future or just want an answer to a question feel free to call us or just stop by and I'll be happy to help.
Best bike shop around!
Response from the owner: Hi Vince, Thanks for the opportunity to have Blais Cycle work on your motorcycle. I appreciate your business.
Blais Motorcycle Mechanics is seriously the best spot for bike TLC. Their customer service is like having a friend in the mechanic world – super friendly and helpful. What's cool is they keep it real with honest advice and prices that won't make you cringe. As a repeat customer I’m confident knowing my bike's in the best hands. If you're after a mechanic who gets your bike and your budget, Blais is the place to roll into.
Response from the owner: Hi Christa, Thanks for giving Blais Cycle a chance to get your motorcycle running at it's best. We all ride and treat your motorcycle like it is our own. Thanks again and ride safe.
Response from the owner: Thanks for bringing your motorcycle to Blais Cycle we appreciate your business. Don't hesitate to call us if you ever have any questions or future needs.
Qualified mechanics at great prices! Very honest and knowledgeable highly recommended
Response from the owner: Hi Bennett, Thanks for bringing your motorcycle to Blais Cycle we appreciate the business. If there is anything that we can do for you in the future don't hessite to call.
A round of applause for Ron and PaulAnd let’s not forget the leprechaun!
Response from the owner: Hi Bill, We are happy to have the chance to work on your motorcycle and look forward to all of you future motorcycle needs. From the smallest thing to the biggest problem that you might have Blais Cycle is here for you.
Custom Dyno tune special. I brought in my Yamaha 2021 R1 to get dialed in. Paul is methodical Patient and precise custom Dyno tune to perfection she is exactly how I wanted it truly a masterpiece.
Response from the owner: Hi Gerald, Thanks for giving Blais Cycle a chance to Dyno tune your beautiful 2021 Yamaha R1 to run and perform as good as it looks. Please feel free to call us if you need more work or just have a question about Your or any motorcycle.
Best of the best. They really know their stuff here and will guide you in the right direction. They dyno tune in house and the results can't be beat.
Response from the owner: Hi Charlie, Thanks for bringing you motorcycle to Blais Cycle and giving us the opportunity to Dyno tune it to preform as good as possible. Go fast have fun and be safe.
They lied to me about my horsepower. Iam done with themDon't like liers !!!They are not who they claim to be watch out !!!!Motor rattles lame on the street.They claim they don't know. They smiled while taking my money crooks....I thought they were goodPeople. Paul is the scum bag lierNOT the owner.
Response from the owner: Hi Mike, I don't lie to anybody about there horsepower I have the latest model 250 Dynojet dyno. If you feel that the horsepower was incorect please bring the motorcycle back to Blais Cycle and I will strap it back on the Dyno and perform another dyno run for you personally while you watch at no charge to you to show you how much horsepower and torque that your motorcycle is making. And I will print you a new color dyno chart at the same time to confirm. All at no charge to you so that you can see for yourself and so that you are satisfied.
Great Mechanics!
Response from the owner: Hi Khaalid, Thanks for bringing your motorcycle to Blais Cycle for us to get you going. If you need anything else call or stop by and I'll be happy to help you.
Response from the owner: Hi Jerome, What's up with your motorcycle that we did not completely make you happy. Please call me so that I can get your motorcycle at 100% If I or someone at the shop did something wrong I want to know about it Thanks.
Experience alone is worth the trip over.
Response from the owner: Hi Steve, All of us at Blais Cycle Paul, Ron and myself together have 100 years of experience working on motorcycles. I appreciate that you can see that.
Excellent Dyno set-up. Fantastic knowledge and experience. Great skilled mechanics. Questions answered about things that aren't even under their service yet. Plenty of bikes with ASV Levers! Represent!
Response from the owner: Hi Eric, Thanks for coming to Blais Cycle I appreciate your business. We look forward to seeing you as soon as you need something else or just to stop by and say hello.
Excellent service. My bike has never operated so well.
Response from the owner: Hi Alix, Thanks for bringing your motorcycle to Blais Cycle and giving us the chance to get it running so well. If you need anything else or just have a question feel free to stop by or call me. Thanks again
the best
Response from the owner: Hi Jim, Thanks for bringing your motorcycle to Blais Cycle for your motorcycle needs.
Friendly, honest and trustworthy staff. They did excellent service on my 2013 CBR500R and it runs like new now. Great pricing!! Thank you Mr. Ron, Mr. Blais and the rest of the team for taking care of us 💕
Response from the owner: Hi Lorena, Thank you for the chance to make your Honda CBR500R run perfect. Blais Cycle will always treat your Motorcycle like it is one of ours's. Have fun and ride safe please.
Best motorcycle shop in States period.
Response from the owner: Thanks Hussain you are still one of Blais Cycle's fastest clients
We always leave Blais Cycles super happy! My boyfriend and I took our Yamaha R1 60th Anniversary 2022 for a flashing. The gains were very successful as our ZX6R. Paul and the other guys are super cool and always willing to help. We highly recommend this place if you want to have professional services in your motorcycle.
Response from the owner: Hi Megan, First of all I think it's now your fiancé. Thank you guy's for giving Blais Cycle a chance to work on all of your awesome motorcycles. Street, race and off road motorcycles. It is my pleasure. Both you and Gustavo are like family to Blais Cycle so go fast have fun and be safe please.
Had a problem with Yamaha stratoliner . It was stalling and I could not get it over 60mph. They found the problem was the reserv tank was full of sluge and replaced the clutch. Great guys. My bike has nver run this good before.
Response from the owner: Hi Eric, How is your Yamaha Stratoliner running it has been a while. Haven't seen you in probably a year now has to be getting close to time for some minor service or to just stop by and let me go outside and take a quick look at your motorcycle and make sure everything looks OK. Thanks again I appreciate you business.
It was very nice of them to work me in for a repair at the last minute. Thanks Guys!!!!
Response from the owner: Hi Jeffrey, Your very welcome I'm glad that Blais Cycle could get you in and take care of you. Just call or stop by if you need anything else.
There is no better place to bring your bike.
Response from the owner: Hi Carl, It's our pleasurer to get your motorcycle going. Feel free to call or stop by if you need anything else and thanks again.
Fantabulous work. The best in the business. I own A 1977 kz1000, and the bike needed a lot of work, and I wanted it taken to the next level. Kevin and his team restored the entire engine. Too many parts were replaced to list. They painted the engine, installed Bigger pistons, ported the head, bigger carbs.(micuni 36mm flatside), new chain and sprockets. New fenders. Dyno Tuned on his Dyno machine. Not only does it look like it did in 1977( better) but it runs and performs so perfect that I've been missing a lot of work lately just so I can ride it. I cant get enough of it. If you want quality work from people who are personal and take pride in there work and really put there heart into it Blais is the place. ( the mechanics are the top of the game)Not only do they know bikes but they understand them as well. Thank you BlaisOne extremely happy customer
Response from the owner: Hi Mitch, Your KZ1000 holds a special place in my heart. I put my best effort in making your motorcycle run as great as it looked. And in the end you have a motorcycle that I would be proud to own myself. Mitch please enjoy it have fun and most of all be safe. Thanks again for the opportunity to help you create such a beautiful motorcycle.
Paul always does expert work in a timely fashion. Going to him for years. Competitive prices. Always grateful and recommended highly.
Response from the owner: Hi Luis, Thanks for bringing your motorcycle to Blais Cycle for Paul; to work on he has been with us for 25 years Ron has been there for 30 years and I have been open for 32 years with customer like you it makes all of the hard work and long hours worth it. Thanks again
Hands down the best tuner shop in south Florida. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and will flat out tell you if what you're requesting is a waste. He'll let you right from the start what gains your specific make and model bike will get. Even if it means that your feelings will get hurt. He doesn't bull$h*t
Response from the owner: Thanks Ernesto I haven't seen you in a while I guess we did a good job on your motorcycle or you have not been riding that much.
Brought my 08 honda cbr600rr to Blais and Ron took care of me. He's very knowledgeable and felt confident in his work. Will definitely recommend and planning on using them again in the future.
Response from the owner: Thanks Kurt for giving Ron the chance to show you what he can do as far as keeping your motorcycle serviced properly.
Blais Cycle has a team of honest standup guys Paul in particular! Very much informative/attentive. Thank you for your kind service & patience. Gotta love businesses that are passionate about what they do & what they represent! 👊🏽
Response from the owner: Thanks Derek I appreciate your business. Please call or stop by when you need anything else done on your motorcycle. And we will be happy to help.
Very skilled mechanics, nice guys
The techs here are very cool and professional. Gave my bike a tune feels great.
If you have any bike that you need some quality work and or upgrades done, I will advise you to take it my guys over at Blais Cycle. Paul is my go to mechanic that really took good care of my 05 busa. Gave him hell with a few old broken parts but he made it right and did not give up. And the bill at the end will surprise you IN A GOOD way. Special Thanks to PAUL for again making sure my busa runs like gold and also safe. Ask for Paul and tell him zack with the 05' busa sent you. You will not be disappointed.
Response from the owner: Hi Zack, Thanks for the opportunity to get your Hayabusa running like it should be. I appreciate your business if you need anything else please feel free to call me have fun go fast and be safe.
If I could give them 100 stars I would. I'm a new rider and just purchased a 2022 Ninja 400 KRT. I needed to have it lowered, I was on my tippy toes and did not feel like I had any control. They came to my house, picked up the motorcycle and also drove it back when it was done. They knew I had no experience and went above and beyond to help me. I can't thank them enough. They've got a customer for life. Thank you Kevin! Thank you Ron!
Good customer service. Well organized.
Awesome place to take your bike alot of knowledge there on bikes and motor builds.
Ron went straight to the point and easily found the solution for my 98 Super Blackbird.Fair price and peace of mind. Place is Super Clean and beautiful store.Charlie was very nice as well! Thank you!
This place is great. Had some work done on my bike, a dyno tune. Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly, would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get work done on their bike.
I cannot recommend Blais Cycle highly enough. After having so many frustrating and disappointing experiences with both dealership service departments and independent shops alike, it was a breath of fresh air to meet Kevin and his team. They were all welcoming, friendly, accommodating and professional down the last detail. They took to the time to speak with me about my bike's issues and even give me a tour of the shop. Then they really went above and beyond to get me my back when I needed it, despite being slammed with other jobs. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the final cost for my work. Once again, it was so refreshing to encounter Blais Cycles after my previous experiences of getting ripped off and being given the run-around elsewhere. This was my first visit to Blais but it won't be my last.